”Nangialai Nashir -one of the most awe-inspiring guitarists of the new generation.” Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung

Nangialai Nashir’s manner of planning his repertoire and interpreting each individual composition clearly represents the approach of the new generation of guitarists, for whom virtuosity and brilliance are natural means of expressing the emotional range of the music. He delves deeply into the works, their stylistics and composers, and prepares intensely for his recitals to achieve an entertaining presentation of the music to which the audience can relate. And this is not the only reason that he has concert audiences listening with rapt attention to the most complex contemporary compositions. Nangialai Nashir’s active participation in various associations of instrumentalists and composers that include activities such as debut performances, composition assignments, discussion concerts and organization of festivals and concert series adds to his expertise and experience.

”sovereign technique and superior musical artistry…”
General Anzeiger Bonn

the beginings...
Afghan and classical Indian music were the first to leave their mark on Nangialai Nashir, born in Kunduz, Afghanistan. His first instrument was the tabla. He taught himself to play the guitar and was initially interested in jazz, rock and experimental music. Finally he began to concentrate fully on classic guitar und studied with such reputable teachers as Roberto Aussel (Argentina), Tadashi Sasaki (Japan) and Thomas Müller-Pering (Germany). His degrees in Music Pedagogy, Artist Education and Concert Artist were all awarded the highest marks (summa cum laude).

En route…
Awards at competitions such as the “Concurso Internacional de Guitarra, Alhambra” in 1998 in Alcoy, Spain; the “Silesian Guitar Autumn” in 1996 and 1994 in Tychy, Poland; and the “Ile de France” in 1995 in Paris, France, were early evidence of Nangialai Nashir’s musical and technical standards. Since the Alhambra award he has been invited to play both in Spain and abroad on a regular basis. His ranking as an international musician is documented by his work in solo recitals, solo concerts with orchestra, evenings of chamber music ranging from duo to quartet, activities on juries in international competitions and involvement in radio and television productions. He has become one of the most original and dazzling artists on the European guitar scene. Nashir is teaching classical guitar at the Hannover Conservatory (Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Medien) and at the University of Oldenburg, where he also leads the World Music Ensemble.

Forging new paths…

Through his excellent technique, his original interpretations, his repertoire that is not restricted by any borders and the exciting dramaturgy characterizing everything from the smallest detail to the overall picture, Nangialai Nashir opens up new dimensions in classic guitar. Currently his repertoire focuses on Spanish renaissance, French baroque, impressionism, contemporary music and, as always, valuable collaboration with musicians from other countries. The world premieres of many new compositions originating in Europe and Asia were made possible thanks to this collaboration.